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Here at Smith Street we focus solely on our product, the beer. We have a passionate and skilled team in the art of brewing, driven by our vision and a genuine interest for both beer production and beer itself.

We are determined to constantly challenge ourselves - to innovate, to constantly evolve, and to improve and refine by learning. Be it in our processes, techniques, ingredients, or recipe design. We have built an organisation and the prerequisites to enable us to fully focus on the development and quality of our product. 

We will not constrain ourselves in any way. Trends in themselves are of no interest. We are devoted to offer you the best possible beer, whether it be traditional or modern, bold or subtle - as long as we would love to drink it ourselves.
At Smith Street we have the utmost respect for the hard work our suppliers have gone through to grow and process the ingredients that we may ennoble. In honouring that, we will not bind ourselves to any one set of suppliers. We will always source the market, and use raw materials of the highest quality, that are most suited to each individual beer we make.

 We have been handed the torch to manage Oppigårds Bryggeri´s original location and brewing facility. A commitment we are not taking light-heartedly. In the spirit of Oppigårds we take pride in being fully transparent and honest in everything we do. We want to make sense and honour the craft in an ever more sales-oriented business. 

Please join us on our journey to illuminate various beer cultures, in our attempt to make craft beer thrive, and know that in every Smith Street brew you hold, lies our vision and pride.

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